Clinica Medica is one of the industry’s leading laser hair removal specialists in Glasgow. Here, we only use the latest technology and affordable medical grade lasers such as Xlase Plus laser, Diode and CPL, which means highly effective results. Our laser specialists have many years’ experience, which for you, means successful results for any skin type.

Clinica Medica is pleased to announce the arrival of a full  Laser Platform.

Clinica Platform includes the following:

1- Diode

2- Nd-Yag

3- Q-switched

4- IPL

This will allow us to provide a full complement of treatments to include,

1-   Laser hair removal

2-   Tattoo removal

3-   Threads Veins

4-   Pigmentation

5-   Skin rejuvenation

6-   Skin photo-tightening

7-   Laser Dermabrasion

8-   IPL Rosacea

9-   IPL Acne

10- Fungal Nail infection

Unwanted hair

Xlase Plus aesthetic laser treatment works on all types of skin and on all parts of the body. You can “get to the root of the problem” and eliminate unwanted hair forever, fast and without pain.

What options of laser do you have to remove hair?

  • Diode
  • IPL
  • NdYag

Which is your preferred laser for hair removal?

Diode as it is safest & most effective

Do I need a patch test?

Yes to make sure you are not sensitive to it

Is it painful?

Diode is almost pain free due to the superior cooling mechanism

How do I prepare for the procedure?

You will have to shave the night before the treatment

What is the after care?

Avoid the sun for 2 weeks, use aloe vera to cool the area if needed.

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