The perfect Beach Selfie

Your summer holiday is nearly here and we are all starting to prepare for this amazing 1-2 weeks’ holiday we wish could last a year. Some already have written their tick list of things to do in preparation;

  • New swim wear
  • New flip flops
  • Summer clothes
  • Summer bod
  • Tanning oil vs sun protection (because both are important)
  • Charger and adapter of course!

Soon all our stories and feeds will be flooded with holiday envy photos from around the world. And as always selfies will dominate. Once you mention selfies suddenly the above list feels like it is missing a few important items to help you catch that light perfectly.

We think it’s only fair to give you an even playing field to capture the best holiday selfie, and so, in this blog we will discuss: skin, aesthetics, beauty and photographic advice.

  • General Tip: As much as we love our selfies, they can’t be the only thing we post! No-one likes selfie spam!.
  • Lighting: Good lighting is the key and there is no doubt about that ladies! Position your camera and let the sunlight shine down on your skin to get that perfect glow.
  • Camera: Let’s all avoid that unwanted double chin and angle our cameras high and proud. Holding the camera just above eye level and angled towards your chin is never a miss, get those cheek bones popping.

p.s –  selfies while lying down will eliminate the effect of gravity improve jowls and add volume to your cheeks.

  • Group / Couples Selfie: For that perfect group selfie to throw all your friends overboard with jealousy; try to keep eyes at the same level and heads together, nobody wants to feel like the giraffe of the group. Though it might feel awkward, the results are worth it!
  • Multiple Snaps: One selfie is just never enough! When taking selfies ensure to take several, even if you are in the same position, trust me they will all look different to you, and so no doubt you will have captured that 10/10 selfie.
  • Edit photo: The one good thing is that you are in full control before going live.
    • Filter or no filter is always the question: Even if that lighting doesn’t look as bomb as you thought, a filter can solve the issue.
    • Crop: Square ratio will always show better on feeds, and there is nothing more relaxing than a clean Instagram page.
  • Beauty: Avoid that cake face in beach photos, you don’t want to appear like your face is melting off. Investing in a natural lip gloss, tinted moisturiser, and eyebrow tint and shape is the key to that natural beach look. Look sun kissed without the effort!
  • Sun protection: As much as we love a good tan remember the sun is still damaging and ageing to your skin, so always make sure to apply factor 30 absorbing sun cream to your face.

And to go that extra mile to ensure protection, invest in moisturising, hydrating anti-ageing with UV a and UV b protection.

  • Aesthetics: Eye wide open, relaxed looking brows and toned skin this is where aesthetic medicine can help with.
    • Muscle relaxing treatment will prevent the frown line from appearing when the sun is shining. No more squinting!
    • Skin hydration using skin booster or mesotherapy believe or not, will make a difference to your photo in addition to protecting your face against the ageing effect of the sun.
    • Toning your skin: To get red of the dark areas and sun spots from previous holiday ,this can be achieved by IPL skin toning or mild peels.
    • Blemish Free: Free your skin from acne and rosacea; it is never too late to start journey and  get your products now.
    • For that perfect pout just to make that selfie better than ever, lip fillers will enhance the natural beauty to your lips and give every girl those luscious lips that they have been dying for.


It looks like a lot to take in when it comes to the aesthetics medicine if in doubt visit us for advice at Clinica Medica.