One Session to Quit Sugar –

As you imagine the year ahead, think about how you would like to look and feel to be the best version of you? More importantly, ask yourself the following:

What is the most significant step you could take to impact your weight, shape and vitality?

Undoubtedly, eliminating sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods is the key to achieving a sense of wellbeing, normal weight and a body shape you can feel amazing about all year round.

For this reason, I have put together a ‘One Session to Quit Sugar’ programme which is specifically geared to eliminating this from your diet and from your mind for good.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I will work with you, using the most up to date techniques to create profound and lasting change. I also hold a Degree in Physiology, Sports Science and Nutrition, so I will be working with your unconscious mind to imbed only the most effective eating and diet principles to help support you moving forward.

Who is this session suitable for?

This session is suitable for individuals who have a specific food addiction or craving that is halting their progress.

What if I haven’t started my weight loss journey and need more comprehensive help?

I have developed a comprehensive ‘Weight Loss Programme’ for individuals who are just embarking on their weight loss journey. Individuals opting for the full package will benefit from seeing me over the course of 3 sessions where I will take you on a complete weight loss journey from start to finish.

What will happen during the session?

 I will work with you to harness the power of your unconscious mind. It will be both a relaxing but profound experience. I’m going to demanding that you being with you a steadfast intent and laser focus so we can get the most out of our session together.

What can I expect?

I will work with you to eliminate the cravings that cause you to consume these foods and embed new habits to propel you forward. There is no way to sugar coat the facts – Sugar is making you fat and it’s an unhealthy addiction that makes weight loss and raising the baseline of your health incredibly difficult.

I take pride in being a fast change specialist and through my transformative coaching methods, I will propel you towards your ideal weight and shape, faster than you ever thought possible. I set the bar high for myself and as such, set the same expectation with the clients I work with.

Once you have made the decision to give up sugar for good, call ClinicaMedica on 0141 356 6969 or contact me directly on 07841639930 to discuss the next step.

Akis Koursarys

Rapid Progression Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner | Dip AH


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