Body Re-shaping Treatment

Here at Clinica Medica we thrive to improve and develop the principle of weight and body shape management. We do acknowledge that managing weight is a difficult and complex process. The reason being it is that it can caused by multifactorial causes.

Psychological Causes

At depth analysis of personal circumstances can reveal some issues these are best help by NLP approach and hypnotherapy sessions

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Hormonal Imbalance (hormonal deficiencies)

Hormones have inevitable impact of weight and changes of body fat distribution in in addition they could impact on the muscle bulk of the body. Here are Clinica Medica we follow definite evidence base medicine to measure the hormone supplement the deficient and balance them.

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Stubborn Fat Pockets – Body Re-Shaping

This a common problem that get worse with age and after pregnancy and menopause.

Once these pockets are established they will be difficult to shift, diet and weight management are not successful in treating them, the only solution is to remove the fat pocket and this is best done by Coolsculpting with will permanently remove the fat pockets

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Skin Laxity

This is due to loss of elastin (elasticity) in the skin structure and the effect of gravity will create a sagging effect on the skin and inevitably the body part support by skin structure. Example: under the chin, neck, breast and buttocks.

Cellulite is more than skin deep. The exact mechanism is not fully understood which means there is no one cure that fits all. The mechanisms contributing to cellulite can include:

  • Impaired waste management
  • Toxins & smoking
  • Weakened skin structure
  • Imbalance between fat to connective tissue ratio

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