Our Aesthetics Prices

 At Clinica Medica we invest in the latest technology to provide outstanding services and customer care. When you book an appointment with us we’ll discuss the best treatment for you before creating a care plan that suits your goals & budget. We’ll then provide a detailed cost for treatment.

Wrinkle Treatment Pricing

Procedure TypePer Treatment (Women)Per Treatment (Men) 
One Area
(Aesthetic Practitioner)
One Area
(Medical Director)
One Area
(Senior Aesthetic Practitioner)
Two Areas
( Aesthetic Practitioner)
Two Areas
( Medical Director)
Two Areas
(Senior Aesthetic Practitioner)
Three Areas
(Aesthetic Practitioner)
Three Areas
(Medical Director)
Three Areas
(Senior Aesthetic Practitioner)
Four Areas
(Aesthetic Practitioner)
Four Areas
(Medical Director)
Four Areas
(Senior Aesthetic Practitioner)
Neck Lift£250£450
Hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating)£450£450
Body Contouring£120£120
Beauty Micro Needling£120£120
Blanching 1 Ml Filler Skin Rejuvenation£300£300
Sunekos 1200£295£295
CoolSculpting one cycle£750£750
Hand Rejuvenation£400£400
Laser Lipolysis one area£80£80
Plasma upper lid rejuvenation£350£350
Radio Frequency Thermal only 1 hour£120£120
RHA Topical skin care (add on to needling)£50£50
Skin Boosters - Vital ™ by Restylane ®

Prices from -
Skin Booster Teosyal Redensity one£250£250
Skin Booster - Volite ™ by Allergan ®£350£350

Additional Wrinkle Treatments

Procedure Type
Per Treatment
Masseter Reduction£295
Chemical Brow Lift£150
Gummy Smile£100
Orange Peel Chin£100
Peri-Oral “smokers lines”£100
Peri-Oral “Rejuvenation”£333
“Bunny lines” (Price include two weeks follow up appointment)£30

Aesthetic Packages

Full Facial Rejuvenation (2 threads each side, 2 x ½ml syringe Dermal Fillers, upper 3 areas and lower third of face. 3 sessions of Dermalux Light therapy for skin tightening.)£1900
Lower Half Face Rejuvenation (2 threads each side, 1ml syringe of Dermal Filler, Wrinkle Treatment to lower third of face, and 3 sessions of Dermalux Light therapy for skin tightening)£1500
Peri-Oral Rejuvenation “Smoker’s Lines” (Combination treatment of Wrinkle Treatment and Radio Frequency or PDO to soften lines around the mouth.)£333
Peri-Occular Rejuvenation "Ultimate Eye Package" Combination treatment of Wrinkle Treatment and Radio Frequency or PDO to soften “crows feet” and upper cheek wrinkles)£400

Dermal Fillers

Procedure TypePer Treatment
Ellanse 1ml Biostimulator Fillerfrom £320
Cheek Rejuvenationfrom £300
Temple Rejuvenationfrom £300
Eyebrow Liftfrom £300
Eyebrow Fillfrom £250
Lip Augmentation from £250
Forehead Rejuvenation from £250
Jaw Line Rejuvenationfrom £300
Nasolabial Fold Rejuvenationfrom £250
Marionette Line Rejuvenationfrom £250
Tear Trough Rejuvenationfrom £300
Non-surgical Chin Correction fromfrom £250
Non-surgical Nose Correction fromfrom £350
Neck Band Rejuvenationfrom £250
Injectable Moisturisers/Skin Boostersfrom £200
8 Point Liquid Face Liftfrom £900
Sculptra One Sessionfrom £500
Sculptra One Sessionfrom £500
PDO Top up with fillerfrom £875
0.5ml Lip Enhancement - Aesthetic Practitionerfrom £130
0.5ml Lip Enhancement - Medical Directorfrom £180
0.5ml Lip Enhancement - Senior Aesthetic Practitionerfrom £150
1ml Lip Enhancement - Aesthetic Practitionerfrom £195
1ml Lip Enhancement - Medical Directorfrom £300
1ml Lip Enhancement - Senior Aesthetic Practitionerfrom £240

Silhouette Soft Facial Thread Lift

Procedure Per Treatment
Silhouette Soft Facial Thread Lift - 2 Threads£800
4 Threads£1300
6 Threads£1700
XLIift Silhouette Full Face Rejuvenation£1800
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