Body Rejuvenation Treatments Glasgow

Body treatment is a relatively new addition to aesthetic treatments. The advances in this area are made possible due to the development of Light bedsSilhouette SoftPDO threads and Radio frequency treatments.

Here at Clinica Medica we specialise in a wide range of body rejuvenation treatments. Why not arrange a consultation with us to discuss the best treatment to achieve the look you want.

Our Body Rejuvenation Treatments

Neck Bands or Wrinkles

This area can be addressed by muscle relaxing (toxins) to calm the bands. PDO threads tighten up the skin in addition the mesotherapy will improve and generate skin on the neck.  Most importantly, remember that skin is a continuation of the face and neck and needs to be looked after in the same way we look after the face with UV block, moisturisers and creams containing Hyaluronic Acid filler.

Non Surgical Neck Lift
Using state of the art Silhouette Soft® to define jaw line and lift the excess skin upward. The result can be maintained using Radiofrequency and skin quality can be targeted by PDO threads.
Chest Décolletage
The décolletage is best treated with hydration by mesotherapy or hydrating Hyaluronic Acid fillerbut PDO threads can make a significant difference in stubborn cases too.
Breast Lift (breast laxity)
The non-surgical treatment available is using Silhouette Soft® to lift and regenerate the skin.
Arm Rejuvenation (bingo wings)
Treatment could be a combination or single treatment using Silhouette Soft® , PDO threads , Radiofrequency.
Hands (visible vein and tendon- old hands)
The changes in hands are a result of loss of collagen elasticity and fat pad.  Achieving hand rejuvenation is similar to face rejuvenation and is a combination of various treatments mentioned above.
Tummy, Back and Thigh Tightening
The treatment applied to these areas are

  • Laser lipolysis which will help to reduce the amount of fat in these area
  • Radiofrequency to tighten the skin i
  • Occasional PDO threads can used in targeted areas
  • Radiesse is also used in targeted areas of skin
Buttock (bum) Lift
This is one of the new advances of Silhouette Soft® treatment to produce the lift and it can be maintained by sessions of Radiofrequency.
Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is caused by multi factorial from fluid collection tight ligament and lobulated fat. The basic approach is using good skin treatment with a body roller. The next step is to use light therapy in form Body Boost Bed. The next step is Laser with Radiofrequency and finally for resistant areas PDO can improve the results.

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I had a fantastic massage from Donna today. Totally professional and made me feel very welcome and at ease. I really liked how she asked me what scented oil I wanted with my massage.Was a nice personal touch! The pressure was good- firm as i like it and I left there relaxed, feeling pampered and wanting to book another asap. Thanks again Donna ! Klaire Louise Kampbell