Here at Clinica Medica, we have adopted a science based, evidence informed, patient centred approach to help you shed weight and unlock your potential.  

We understand, a lot of you live busy lives which makes it difficult to follow strict diet and life style changes. In addition, we also appreciate that a lot of you have tried to achieve a healthy weight and how much of an uphill struggle it was and eventually have given up.  

Our aim is to make the most advanced weight management service simple and accessible to all of you. To achieve this, we have created two options and variable addons, to suit everyone. 


  1. Easy Slim Pen service 

As the name applies, using approved medication that will help you slim easy. CM Medics are supporting this option to make it easy, discrete, achievable and accessible to all. It is that simple:  

  • Free online consultation  
  • No concerns about underlying causes  
  • BMI from 27  
  • Age 18 – 65  

What to do next?  

  • Complete our online consultation 
  • Consultation will be reviewed by out medical team  
  • Prescription will be issued  
  • We will dispatch or offer collection on site for your device  
  • Support and demonstration how to inject is offered at no extra cost 
  • Any concerns you can always convert to option two 
  • Face to face consultation with fat MOT blood screening 

This is most appropriate for people above the age of 65 or if they have concurrent kidney, liver, thyroid disease or there are concerns about underlying causes of obesity.  

What to do next? 

  • Book Weight management consultation 
  • 30 min consultation, medical history, family history and examination  
  • Fat MOT bloods which includes Thyroid function, B12, Lipid profile, live function and kidney function  
  • 15 Minute review appointment to go over results, demonstrate how to use the device and you will receive your first injection