Clinica Medica Weight Management service

An easy and incredibly effective weight loss solution. 

At Clinica Medica, our aim is to make the most advanced weight management service simple and accessible to all of you. We have adopted a science-based solution to help you lose weight by curbing your hunger, controlling your appetite and reduce cravings.

When combined with a calorie-controlled diet, the easy slim Pen provides an incredibly effective weight loss solution. Weight-loss treatment contains prescription medication. 

The easy slim pen is a simple, painless injection, self-administered each day using a simple to use, the dose-adjustable pen that is pre-filled with the medication. This medication is to be taken once every day, following the administration and dosage instructions given to you. You will be shown how to administer the medication, and supervised giving yourself the first dose

Clinica Medica is a Health Improvement Scotland registered clinic and we only prescribe the medication if you are eligible and following a consultation prior to beginning your weight loss journey.  

What side effects are there with this treatment.?

Not everyone will experience side effects using Easy Slim. If you do suffer any side effects, the most common side effects being Nausea, Diarrhoea, Constipation or Indigestion, however they may only be short terms effects and many experience none.

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