Hypnotherapy Glasgow

As you think about the improved you on the outside, think about how it would be if you also made positive and long-lasting changes on the inside.

At Clinica Medica, our ‘whole person’ approach is central to our ethos and as such we offer Personal Development Coaching and Hypnotherapy as part of our service offering.

Our Rapid Progression Coach, Akis Koursarys is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner who will work with you, using the most up to date techniques to effect profound and lasting change in the following areas:

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Weight Management
Weight Management –

  • Restore your innate sense of wellness and positive identity so that you never lack confidence or motivation
  • Eliminate self limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour that hold you back
  • Break the emotional connection to unhealthy foods, so that you never comfort eat again
  • Put an end to the cravings that dominate your food choices
  • Reconnect you to your internal barometer that naturally knows how to eat healthily and adopt a positive lifestyle
Quit Smoking
Smoking Cessation 

  • STOP smoking in 2-3 sessions
  • Recalibrate your internal barometer so that you effortlessly remain an ex smoker
  • Eliminate cravings and the urge to relapse
  • Harness the power of your unconscious resources so that quitting is easy and lasting

Akis is a fast change specialist, and through his transformative coaching methods he can take you where you want to get to, faster than you ever thought possible.

Stress & Anxiety
Use Hypnotherapy and advanced NLP to achieve your zen state on demand.
Eliminate irrational fears and negative trains of thought
Harness your unconscious resources to re-calibrate your internal environment and shed unhelpful patterns of behaviour
Learn how not keeping yourself awake can restore your innate ability to sleep soundly.
Confidence and Positive Life Change
Set direction and propel yourself forward effortlessly.To book a session, call Clinica Medica on 01413566969.
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