Podiatry Clinic Glasgow

Our podiatry clinic is part of our multidisciplinary medical team. It is supported by our doctors and nurses. The podiatry services range from nail care, feet care insoles wart treatment nail surgery and diabetic foot check


Our Podiatry Treatments

New Client appointment - £35

If it is your first time visiting us, please book a ‘New Client’ appointment.

This covers all general podiatry treatments (as detailed below in ‘Routine’ appointment) with the addition of some extra assessments such as a vascular assessment to assess your blood supply and circulation and a diabetic sensory assessment if applicable. Extra time is given in this appointment to discuss any concerns you have and take a detailed medical history.

Routine Podiatry appointment - £35

This covers all routine podiatry care such as nail care, corn and callus (hard skin) removal, verruca treatment and any other skincare required. Treatment is followed up with a moisturizing foot rub and tailored foot care advice to keep your feet happy and healthy until your next appointment.

Nail Care - £20

For bothersome nails we provide a quick and efficient service to keep your feet comfortable. During this appointment nails will be cut, filed and any thick nails will be reduced using an electric file. This is followed up by a moisturising foot rub along with tailored foot care advice.

Verruca Treatment - £20

There are a number of treatment options for verruca the most common is Cryotherapy, others include Salicylic acid and chemical treatments

Nail Surgery - £195

Ingrowing toenail surgery packages are available after consultation. Price includes consultation, surgery, and follow up dressing change.

Biomechanical Assessment - £60

A biomechanical assessment involves a detailed evaluation of the structure, alignment, and function of the feet and legs whilst standing, walking, and non-weight bearing. The information acquired from a biomechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation program, or if the problem is structural, custom-made prescription orthoses may be required.

It is advisable to bring a pair of shorts and the shoes you most wear along with any activity shoes (if you are a runner for example) to your biomechanical assessment.

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