Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

We provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments with many skin rejuvenation treatments available. If you suffer from frown lines on the face or smokers lines we can help. Using our state of the art plasma pen for many of our treatments, you can be sure of an aesthetic treatment that gets the results you want.

Our specialist skin rejuvenation team have a diversified client background and have all seen the benefits of our expert care and treatment plans. To discuss the best treatment for you why not call us or use our contact for to get in touch.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Facial Wrinkles (dynamic and static)

Facial wrinkles are the result of  muscle activity and loss of skin elasticity. The following are examples


These appear on the forehead due to over activity of the muscle, the sooner they are treated the better the outcome. They are best dealt with using muscle-relaxing injections (toxins) but at later stages they might need some lifting of the lines by fillers or mesotherapy.


Frown lines appear between your eye brows and in the past there was only one type  of treatment which is a relaxing injection (toxins) treatment. Due to the new advances of aesthetic medicine the Clinic can offer PDO threadsmesotherapy and Hyaluronic Acid filler for the deeper ones.


Lines appearing on the upper lip are often known as “smoker’s lines” – they develop because of the aging process but smoking can make them much worse. The first method  used for treatment is a relaxing injection (toxins) but recently, with development of mesotherapy (HSR) and PDO threadswe have more options to suit the individual’s needs.

Facial Thin Skin and Loss of Elasticity
Usually result of damaged skin and aging and will require repeated treatment with different methods, these include Radiofrequency , NeedlingMesotherapy and Skin Care.
Puffy Lower Eyelids
A worry and concern for men and women alike. The cause could be due to fluid retention, but in most cases it is due to the loss of elasticity and herniation of fat to the lower eye lids. This area can be treated with PDO threadsradio frequency (RF tightening) and in difficult cases, Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery). In addition to these, it is always good to start and end the journey with the proper eye cream (BP puffy eye cream).
Tear Trough Treatment
This is the line in the upper cheek due to separation of fat pads. The earliest method of treatment was Hyaluronic Acid filler that evolved to deep filler being used to cause the lift effect by Sculptra or Ellanse. Recently PDO threads have been used to create the lift effect. This is one of the areas that is associated with a high rate of complications and the best way to treat is by using a combination of treatments.
Loss of Volume
Mainly due to aging process,  resulting in loss of collagen and fat. The principle  treatment to is the fill the area with different type of fillers ( Juvederm, Radiesse, Ellanse, perfectHA or Belatero). Noticeable volume loss can affect  the following areas

  • Nasolable folds,
  • Marionettes and
  • the Temple area.
Jowls & Prejowls
Jawls and prejawls are due to downward fat migration. Traditionally treatment was camouflaged by the use of fillers. New advanced treatment is available to lift the migrated fat abd include:

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