Milia Treatment

Milia are very small, raised, pearly-white, or yellowish bumps on the skin. Most often Milia are seen on the skin around the cheeks, under eyes and eyelids or forehead.

However, they can occur anywhere on the body. Milia are most common in newborn babies but can affect people of any age and can follow treatment using corticosteroid creams. They can be persistent in some cases and treatment may be suggested.

Although milia are not harmful in any way, getting rid of them can be tough. There’s a correct way to remove them— the wrong way can damage your skin. Following our recommendations should help you safely get rid of the bumps you have and possibly keep them from ever coming back!

Milia Are Not Pimples

Removing milia yourself is not like “popping” a pimple. Milia are not pimples they are completely unrelated. Unlike pimples, which release somewhat easily on their own, milia actually need to be excised, and doing it the right way is even more important.


  • Consultation with a skin specialist
  • Removal of Milia
  • Advice regarding skincare to prevent recurrent milia
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