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Although most teenagers get some form of acne, adults can also develop acne or have their teenage acne carry on into adulthood. Acne is a common skin condition characterised by plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads) inflamed pimples, pustules, and deeper lumps (nodules or cysts). Acne can occur on the face chest, back and shoulders, and upper arms. Increased oil production and skin thickness lead to hair follicles being blocked by oil and dead skin cells, creating a perfect environment for acne bacteria to breed.

At Clinica Medica skin clinic we offer treatments to target all visible symptoms and underlying causes, by controlling oil production, bacteria, and inflammation for symptom relief, long-term management, and scar prevention.

At Clinica Medica Skin clinic we ensure that you get the right diagnosis and treatment plan that works for you. We offer both a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your skin and discuss all the treatment options including lasers, light therapy, prescription creams, prescription medication, medical-grade chemical peels and medical-grade skin products.

Our skincare professionals will give you a treatment plan that ensures the best combination of efficacy and safety to quickly clear up your skin. At Clinica Media we understand acne, it is a medical condition that scars, it is not normal and deserves to be treated.

For acne treatment in Glasgow, trust only the experts.