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Eyebrow tattoo, Lip line & blush, and Lash line enhancements, the list is always growing

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Semi-Permanent Makeup

The services we offer are Semi-permanent brows, Lipliner & blush, and Lash line enhancements, the list is always growing.

We are delighted to move to the next level of advanced Semi-permanent procedures including Medical micro-pigmentation “Semi-Permanent” and ombre brows.

Semi-permanent Treatments Offered

Eyebrows still seem to be the most popular procedure. They shape and frame your face giving you a youthful look. We can create 3d natural hair strokes to a fuller powdered look brow.

This is discussed in your consultation and shape is always drawn on and agreed upon before treatment commences.  Have you over-plucked?  Have Alopecia? Uneven sparse brows? Pencil them in all the time? Lost hair after Chemotherapy?  All these issues can be solved with semi-permanent makeup and give you back your confidence. Brows can last from 1-3 years and annual top-ups are recommended.

All semi-permanent appointments require a consultation. Your practitioner will arrange the treatment appointment during this consultation subject to suitability.

Eyeliner can be applied both to the top and bottom lash line, thin or thick to enhance the shape of your eyes and give you a more defined look. Saves a lot of time when putting on your makeup!

Lips can be enhanced and symmetry corrected by cleverly recreating a lip line. Cupids bow can be made to give your lips a more feminine appearance and top lips made to look bigger by creating this line. Partial blush can be added to the treatment to blend this line in to soften the look. Also referred to as ‘gloss and go’ to save you time and have beautiful lips every day.  Full colour lipstick look is also offered.