Summer 2023 Ms. Pamela Wallace Offers

1 March 2023 – 1 September 2023

I’m Pamela, an experienced pharmacist prescriber with a love of aesthetics, from skin boosters to anti-wrinkle treatments. Skin health is really important to me, so if dark under-eye circles are getting you down…..I may just have the answer!

I love a cocktail and this amazing hyaluronic acid and amino acids cocktail are one of my favourites!
Hyaluronic acid is our skin’s natural moisturiser and amino acids are the building blocks for all cell growth, so this injectable combination is amazing at allowing the delicate under-eye area to restore and regenerate new collagen and elastin producing the following results:

  • Firmer skin
  • Reduced dark circles
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

That’s why I love Sunekos, get this treatment myself, and love the results.

Who’s joining me?

morpheus 8

Sunekos Eyes rejuvenation

20% off

only £160 for one session £200

Sunekos still one of the amazing treatment around the eyes it will rejuvenate skin in term of collagen and skin pigmentations “Dark Circles”.

Ideally you will require Three sessions to achieve the maximum results.