Acne Treatment in Glasgow

What is Acne?

It is not surprising that Acne is the most common skin condition among adolescents worldwide, a chronic inflammatory disease of the oil producing glands of the skin characterised by papules, pustules and sometimes nodules and cysts that can leave troublesome scars.

Types of Acne

Watch out for those blackheads

Acne begins with the appearance of the comedone, we recognise this as a blackhead. Most often acne starts around the age of 12-13 years just at the onset of puberty and peaks around age 14-18 in females often later in males. Some females and males experience acne at more mature years and for some it can be a lifelong disease that needs to be managed, often seen in adult form and combined with facial redness seen as acne rosacea.

Don’t despair, a slow resolution can be found and the sooner you seek help the chance of more permanent and stubborn scarring is minimised.

Acne a familial disease

Inherited to some degree acne can run in families and really is a condition of the little unit in the skin that contains the duct that includes the hair and oil gland connecting the oil gland to the skin surface. If this tiny little tube is not smooth, then sebum can be trapped allowing the rapid growth of bacteria. Those pesky bacteria live off the sebum using it as fuel, this rapidly increases the bacterial growth and they discard waste from this process known as fatty acids that are extremely irritating to the skin, resulting in all the pain and redness often seen in acne.

Natures tries its best

Our body tries very hard to stop this inflammatory process, however this often ends up as the scarring often seen following the red often painful or pussy spots. There can be no acne without sebum and although we need sebum to preserve our skin barrier, we need to control it.

Treatment solutions

Acne treatment is essential as early as possible to prevent scarring and pigmentation that occurs following the healing of the acne lesions. Treatment can involve a combination of topical creams, oral or topical antibiotics, contraceptive pills (for women) and prescriptive retinoids. Other therapies like laser therapy often effective to treat acne. The aim of laser light therapy is to use the light to kill the bacteria causing acne.

Your treatment will depend on the severity and type of acne – during a skin consultation our experienced clinicians who treat acne daily and will be able to support you and personalise an effective treatment program to help clear your skin.

Our Aestheticians understand the condition and how to chose skin care to support the skin. Take advantage of a free skin care consultation with a qualified therapist and get the best possible advice.

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Our experienced clinicians treat acne daily and will be able to support you and personalise an effective treatment program to help clear your skin.

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