Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Glasgow

Clinica Medica laser hair removal is supervised by medically experienced practitioners in laser and IPL

Our first choice is the use of Diode Laser which pain free and safe, highly efficient cooling system that will prevent the skin from burning. To complement the Diode we have Nd-Yag and IPL that can be used in difficult and different type of hair. we can change machine type during the coarse at no extracts.

Please ensure that you have been patch tested for laser treatment before you book for an appointment online. You can book a patch test with the clinic under the IPL section.

Treatment Price Book
Patch Test £ Free Book Now
Arms - Forearms £75 Book Now
Arms - Full £129 Book Now
Arms - Hands & Fingers £30 Book Now
Arms - Underarms £45 Book Now
Body - Abdomen £60 Book Now
Body - Back & Chest Full £200 Book Now
Body - Chest or Back £130 Book Now
Body - Naval Line £45 Book Now
Body - Nipple (areola) £30 Book Now
Body - Shoulder and top arms £60 Book Now
Body - Shoulders £60 Book Now
Face - Centre eyebrows £25 Book Now
Face - Chin £25 Book Now
Face - Full £70 Book Now
Face - Lip £20 Book Now
Face - Lip & Chin £35 Book Now
Face - Neck & Décolletage £55 Book Now
Face - Sideburn £30 Book Now
Full body £400 Book Now
Intimate - Bikini £30 Book Now
Intimate - Brazilian £45 Book Now
Intimate - Buttock & Central line £60 Book Now
Intimate - Full Genital & Anal area £70 Book Now
Intimate - Hollywood £45 Book Now
Legs - Feet & Toes £30 Book Now
Legs - Full £189 Book Now
Legs - Lower leg £140 Book Now

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Duration: 15 - 90 mins

Aesthetic Practitioners:
Sharon MacKay

Clinica Medica

Glasgow’s only comprehensive medical cosmetic and laser centre to provide a medical service that includes aesthetics, skin regeneration, medical weight management and BHRT in one location. Offering a myriad of advanced treatments and procedures, Dr Paulina, and his staff are committed to providing our patients with caring and effective treatments performed by highly skilled and experienced registered staff.

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