Sexual Health Clinics

Sexual Health Clinics in Glasgow

We like to give women the opportunity to get sexual health tests whenever they need to.

For this reason, we offer fast and confidential treatments that cover areas such as STI testing, hormone treatments, and pelvic floor aging repair.

If you’re interested in having one of these tests or treatments, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic today and book your appointment

Treatment Price Book
Erectile Dysfunction £100 Book Now
STI Screening Consultation £65.00 Book Now
STI Screening - One Test (Instant) £100.00 Book Now
STI Screening Two Tests (Instant) £195.00 Book Now
STI Screening Three Tests (Instant) £295.00 Book Now
STI Screening Four Tests (Instant) £395.00 Book Now
Well Woman - Consultation £100.00 Book Now
Well Woman - Pap Smear Test £250.00 Book Now
Well Woman - Hormone Testing £160.00 Book Now
Well Woman - Vaginal Tightening Free Consultation Book Now
Well Man - Consultation £100.00 Book Now
Well Man - Male Hormones £260.00 Book Now
Well Man - PSA Free & Total £75.00 Book Now

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Duration: 15 mins

Medical Director:
Dr Awfa Paulina
Dr Basma Paulina

Clinica Medica

Glasgow’s only comprehensive medical cosmetic and laser centre to provide a medical service that includes aesthetics, skin regeneration, medical weight management and BHRT in one location. Offering a myriad of advanced treatments and procedures, Dr Paulina, and his staff are committed to providing our patients with caring and effective treatments performed by highly skilled and experienced registered staff.

49 Crow Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 7SH.

0141 356 6969

07305 100579